Music Minds Matter:24/7 mental health support for the entire music industry

Provided by Help Musicians

Help Musicians’ dedicated mental health service, Music Minds Matter, is available 24/7 for anyone working in music. Calling 0808  802  8008 will connect you to one of our accredited  therapists who can provide in-the-moment help as well as emotional support.

Specialist advisors are also on hand with practical advice for a range of issues such as debt, employment law, benefits and housing.

No matter what time, day or night, Music Minds Matter is available free-of-charge to support the entire music industry.

Music Minds Matter provides:

  • Support if you’re struggling to cope emotionally, feel stuck, lost or confused or are grappling with feelings of low mood
  • In-the-moment help, accessible for free 24/7 
  • A safe and private environment to talk through how you’re feeling 
  • An impartial, trained therapist who understands the music industry so can empathise with your challenges 
  • Practical advice on difficult topics such as debt, housing, employment law

Who are Help Musicians?

Help Musicians is a charity that loves music and for 100 years has been working hard to make a meaningful difference to the lives of musicians across the UK. We want to create a world where musicians thrive. We offer a broad range of help to support music creators in times of crisis and opportunity – ensuring musicians across the UK can achieve their creative potential and sustain a career in music. We launched Music Minds Matter in 2017 after seeing a direct need from those we support. Three years later, we are expanding the service to encompass in-person and digital support, as well as the vital phoneline.