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The RSM & BAPAM present: Physical health for musicians

10:30am – 12:30pm, Friday 17th Sep 2021

The Royal Society of Musicians in Partnership with BAPAM Present: Physical Health for Musicians with Judith Kleinman and Peter Buckoke

The Royal Society of Musicians and BAPAM are working together to present a series of health education workshops for musicians. This exciting series of workshops brings together bring specialist practitioners who are experts in the field of performing arts medicine and offers an opportunity for musicians to understand more about the range of health problems they might experience, how to prevent them and how to get help if it is needed.

The session will focus on freedom and balance with your instrument and exploring time and energy management in practice to facilitate learning – this will include warm up and warm down ideas. We shall look at the body-mechanics of instrumental technique and pull the whole workshop together with ideas about developing a calm, confident and coordinated state for performance.

Judith Kleinman AGSM, LGSM. MSTAT

Judith has been one of the Alexander team at the Royal college of Music for 30 years. She also coordinates the Alexander department at the Junior Royal Academy of Music and is assistant head of Training at Lcatt Alexander Training course. Judith originally trained as a musician at the Guildhall and went on to have a successful music career havi0ng jobs with ENO and CLS, playing regularly with the LSO and the London Classical players. Judith is very interested in how we can develop a quiet strength, flexibility and joy in our playing and lives, when we connect to our emotional intelligence and embodied awareness. Judith co-wrote the Alexander Technique for Musicians and is part of the Developing Self team that brings Alexander work into Education. Judith also teaches Yoga and Tai Chi.

Peter Buckoke HonRCM, LTCL, MSTAT

Peter is professor of double bass and area leader of Alexander technique at the Royal College of Music (London). His playing career has focused on chamber music, notably being a founder member of the Schubert Ensemble, winners of the Royal Philharmonic Society’s ‘Best Chamber Group’ award. In 1989 Peter was invited to become a professor of double bass at the RCM, this was just as he was completing his training as an Alexander teacher. In 1991, he created a core module to introduce the Alexander technique to first-year undergraduate students at the RCM and has now developed courses delivered in every year of the UG and PG degrees. He co-wrote, The Alexander Technique for Musicians, (Bloomsbury 2013) with his wife, Judith Kleinman. His greatest interest is in helping musicians to deal with performance anxiety.

The Royal Society of Musicians

RSM provides vital support to those whose lives have been affected by accident, illness, stress and anxiety. We work with UK-based musicians and their families throughout their careers and into retirement, giving help towards short-term needs as well providing support on a more long-term basis when required. RSM can help towards funding physical and emotional therapies, referrals to specialised practitioners and associated treatments, and potentially the provision of home adaptations or living expenses.

For more information, please visit or to contact us at / 020 7629 6137.


Established 30 years ago, BAPAM is the largest provider of Performing Arts Medicine in the UK with coverage across the four nations and a growing Directory of over 200 approved clinicians, registered with BAPAM. We provide free clinical assessments for performers with health problems affecting their performing arts practice. In 2019, we provided occupational health support to over 2500 enquiries from performing artists, including 1200 clinical assessment appointments. Our support is focused on specialist clinical assessment to determine the correct diagnosis and best care pathway for a performer, providing clinical advice and referring onwards to experts in the field where necessary. In some cases we also able to provide ongoing mental health support. Regulated by the Care Quality Commission, we operate under robust clinical governance and quality assurance frameworks with leadership from our Board and Medical Committee. Performers generally access care via our Helpline, and our (non-clinical) Helpline operators advise on care options and arrange appointments according to approved protocols. We also run a health education programme with free sessions available online and bespoke sessions which can be booked for individual organisations. You can contacts us; and 0207 404 8444.