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The RSM & BAPAM present: Mental practice skills

10:30am – 12:30pm, Friday 10th Sep 2021

The RSM and BAPAM Present: Mental Practice Skills: A Performance Psychologist Approach

The Royal Society of Musicians and BAPAM are working together to present a series of health education workshops for musicians. This exciting series of workshops brings together specialist practitioners who are experts in the field of performing arts medicine and offers an opportunity for musicians to understand more about the range of health problems they might experience, how to prevent them and how to get help if it is needed.

This webinar will take us through what mental practice is, why it is important to our heath and wellbeing, how it can help us to overcome performance anxiety and help us to perform at our best. There will be time for questions and discussion during the webinar and a resource will be sent out after the event.

Terry Clark

Terry Clark is a Research Fellow in Performance Science within the Centre for Performance Science at the Royal College of Music and an honorary Research Fellow at Imperial College London. Terry teaches performance psychology and performers’ health and wellbeing on the RCM’s undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Terry’s research focuses on experiential learning, simulation, interdisciplinary engagement, performing artists’ health and wellbeing, and the assessment and development of performance skills. Terry manages the RCM’s Performance Simulator. This interactive learning experience allows musicians to gain greater self-awareness and command of performance skills.

The Royal Society of Musicians

RSM provides vital support to those whose lives have been affected by accident, illness, stress and anxiety. We work with UK-based musicians and their families throughout their careers and into retirement, giving help towards short-term needs as well providing support on a more long-term basis when required. RSM can help towards funding physical and emotional therapies, referrals to specialised practitioners and associated treatments, and potentially the provision of home adaptations or living expenses.

For more information, please visit or to contact us at / 020 7629 6137.

British Association for Performing Arts Medicine

Established 30 years ago, BAPAM is the largest provider of Performing Arts Medicine in the UK with coverage across the four nations and a growing Directory of over 200 approved clinicians, registered with BAPAM. We provide free clinical assessments for performers with health problems effecting their performing arts practice. In 2019, we provided occupational health support to over 2500 enquiries from performing artists, including 1200 clinical assessment appointments. Our support is focused on specialist clinical assessment to determine the correct diagnosis and best care pathway for a performer, providing clinical advice and referring onwards to experts in the field where necessary. In some cases we also able to provide ongoing mental health support. Regulated by the Care Quality Commission, we operate under robust clinical governance and quality assurance frameworks with leadership from our Board and Medical Committee. Performers generally access care via our Helpline, and our (non-clinical) Helpline operators advise on care options and arrange appointments according to approved protocols. We also run a health education programme with free sessions available online and bespoke sessions which can be booked for individual organisations.

You can contact us at; and 0207 404 8444.

Research looking at health issues within the performing arts workforce consistently finds that 70-75% of our population report both mental and physical health problems, which is much higher than the national average. We are lucky to be working with a number of health and wellbeing experts who can offer training to performers across the UK, with the aim of reducing the levels of poor health and supporting performers to have a sustainable career. Working with our partners in Equity, The Royal Sociery of Musicians, Musicians’ Union, Help Musicians UK and Performing Arts Education Providers. We are expanding our national training programme supporting healthy performance in the UK.