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Minding Creative Minds – Meet & Greet

7:00pm, Monday 21st Jun 2021

On Monday June 21st, Minding Creative Minds’ (MCM) in association with The Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, EPIC Working Group, Irish Music Rights Organization (IMRO), Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA), MCD Productions & The Cowshed will hold its next online meet and greet session. This MCM Meet and Greet Session is open to the entire creative community in all of Ireland and our Irish overseas.

The aim of our MCM Meet and Greet Session is for attendees to share our experiences, share advice with each other and have a conversation with our peers as we strive to get our sector back to full health. Some of us may wish to tell our story, others may have questions, some of us may wish to attend as spectators just to find out a little more about what we do. Whatever works for you in attending, works for us. We want you to help us shape MCM and our events, so we as an organisation can maximise our efficiency in aiding and supporting your needs.

“Beyond providing a needed check-in for the creative and event community in Ireland, our online meet & greet sessions have proven to be a relaxed, informal space to share and question.  Our community has a snail pace live calendar and an even slower freelance market.  For those in the events and creative industry, it can feel impossible to land a gig or job in light of this past year, in the past 6 months and still today. It is important to turn to different forms of career or relationship building and focus on controllable factors for your personal career journey and in a place you can relate. Networking can be one way to greatly help.  Continuing to network and grow as professionals in the world of coronavirus is more important than ever, it is beneficial to still create industry connections.”  

“It’s as important as ever to gather advice and receive insight on new opportunities that may come in the future as well as having a sense of belonging.  For some our Minding Creative Minds monthly online session, offers a needed connection during these times and depending on one’s location it might be their only connection to the community. Communication lines are opening further across the sector, friendships being forged and experiences being shared; a natural support structure has commenced.  A true positive in a backdrop of negativity and one which will remain in place even when the sector reopens and we are back touring, performing, creating and attending live events and so much more. It’s evident how this monthly meet up is becoming a joyful, positive and conversational place to go.  One request I have for all of us is that we continue to spread the word.” Emma Olohan Sarramida, Minding Creative Minds Director and Director United Events Global, Lecturer, VP PR PWN Global Ngo.

If you experience any problems when registering or following registration for our Meet and Greet session please contact us on