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Minding Creative Minds Meet & Greet

7:00pm, Monday 15th Nov 2021

Minding Creative Minds’ (MCM) in association with The Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, EPIC Working GroupIrish Music Rights Organization (IMRO), Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA), MCD Productions & The Cowshed will hold its eleventh online Meet and Greet Session for Ireland’s entire creative community and our Irish overseas on Monday November 15th at 7pmOur monthly Meet and Greet Sessions are free of charge to attend, but you do need to register to access the event.  We encourage feedback on the sessions and would love to hear from you to

“We do not need to underline just how challenging the last 19 months have been for all involved in the Irish creative sector and it is great to finally see things slowly starting to get back on track. We must, however, remember for many there is still a challenging road ahead.

As you all navigate the return to your work environment over the coming weeks and months, it is important you know that you are not alone; Minding Creative minds FREE  24/7 wellness, counselling, financial and legal advice services are available to help you and provide you with support.

The monthly online Meet & Greet sessions have also been proving to be a much-needed connection and support for many; and it is heart-warming to see what colleagues have been getting from them.  Therefore, if you work in the Irish creative industry, or know someone who does and who has not yet come along to a monthly online Meet and Greet, we would strongly encourage them to join us on Nov 15th at 7pm. The monthly Meet and Greet online sessions are very friendly and relaxed and you will get an opportunity to learn more about the services together with chatting with other colleagues from the industry in our breakout rooms.

As an industry, we have shown huge resilience over the last 19 months and everyone should be very proud of this.  We at Minding Creative minds will be continuing to offer our support to you as you transition back into your roles within the industry over the coming weeks, months and beyond.  We are here for you.” Kim O Callaghan, MCD Project Manager & Deputy Event Controller, Minding Creative Minds Director

The agenda for our online meet and greet sessions is simple; to share experiences and advice with each other; to have conversations with our peers and creative sector colleagues.  By holding this monthly event Minding Creative Minds is simply facilitating our support of each other.  We have to highlight though, if you have not attended any of our sessions so far and would like to pop by and just listen (with your camera turned off), this is perfect also.  All you need do is register.  The beauty of the event is no set agenda, those attending can steer the direction of the meet up and what we chat about.  A safe space with like-minded people; it is so good to have met so many of our creative industry colleagues over the last eleven months of our online meet and greet sessions, some of whom we had not known previously. 

The Irish Creative sector is expansive and diverse, below is a sample guide of sectors who can now utilise the services of Minding Creative Minds;

  • Music Sector; Musicians & Live Event Crew & other workers in the sector (to include bookers / music students & personnel involved in all forms of music including trad / jazz and opera)
  • Theatre; Actors, producers, writers, designers, arts administrators
  • Film; Actors, writers, designers & film crew
  • Visual Art & Street Art; Visual artists, photographers, painters, sculptors etc.
  • Dance; artists & arts administrators
  • Literature; writers, poets, spoken word artists, comedians
  • Journalists and TV personnel covering the arts,
  • Arts Centre Employees & Arts Venues, Performance Artists, Circus Performers