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With a sound that is as wild, beautiful and untamed as their home in the west of Ireland comes Laytha. An indie-folk duo cut from the same cloth as Saint Sister and First Aid Kit, these Irish singer-songwriters specialise in weaving fiery tales and cold ballads. A fusion of contemporary indie melodies and harmonies with a dark, traditional folkish rhythms, the roots of Laytha run deep and spread wide. 
On their debut EP Taobh Eile, the two-piece painted bright portraits and landscapes, lined with pain, wanderlust, and a sublime yearning. As much a visual act as an auditory one, the stories, settings and characters that inhabit Laytha’s world are full of life and struggle, portrayed within rich imagery that incorporates folklore, nature, wilderness and a push back against modernity. 
An act informed as much by the future as they are by the past, Laytha’s combination of stunning narratives and textured harmonies have helped them establish themselves as one of the brightest new talents in Ireland.