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Ferals are a three piece band hailing from the North Coast of Ireland, a part of the country ravaged by strong winds and high seas and this is exactly how we envision our sound, an ensemble of waves crashing against rocks. Nature inspires the dynamics in our music, we like to say it has a feeling of peaks and valleys; not merely just another North Coast punk band but rather that of intricate melodies and a creative approach to lyrical content.

Brendan Rodgers debut single released in February 2018, the band received multiple press from the likes of The Thin Air, and Irish News. Debuted on BBC across the line, the band then began their first NI tour, developing themselves as one of the country’s most exciting live acts.

Scratch my Progress acceptance followed in summer of 2018. The Oh Yeah Centre run programme earned the band acclaim in the local scene. Ferals received mentoring from the worlds best music business professionals to develop into a fresh, marketable act.

The release of the band’s second single ‘Gone’ with the programme really established themselves in the local scene. In 2019, the band recorded and released their Debut EP ‘Always Watching, Never Watched’. The 3 tracks received high appraisal from Phil Taggart of Radio 1, Dan Hegarty of RTE. The band went on to performing at their own release show in the menagerie, with their largest crowd at time over capacity of the venue. Ferals began their first Irish Tour, stretching out over the festival period of 2019.

The success of the EP brought a interest in the band from mainland UK. In September 2019 the band received funding from PRS to write and record, release and extensively tour in the UK. The PRSF have since worked very closely with the band to mentor and help development. The band has played multiple acclaimed headline shows in the Empire Belfast, Output Festival, Stendhal Festival, Fibber Magees Dublin, IVW and main support for Jamie Lenman in Belfast. Ferals have been working on their follow up releases, with a full Irish and UK tour in the spring and summer of 2020.

This was abruptly cancelled due to restrictions from COVID-19, and the band remained dormant until Ferals released ‘Separate’ into the world on October 2020. This was met with much critical acclaim, such as Hotpress magazine and more notably

The band have quietly made moves under the radar in anticipation for the follow up releases, gaining funding from the Art Council NI to release music from spring 2021. This will be followed by what hopes to be a full UK tour, but the band has definite plans to make their extravagant comeback during the Irish festival circuit of summer 2021.