75 organisations from the music sector have signed and sent an open letter “Claiming a front row seat for music” to the European Commission, European Parliament and national governments. 

The letter, signed by organisation covering all aspects of the music eco-system, states that after 15 months of lockdowns, the music sector in Europe and the world “is at risk of turning into a stigmatised sector where only very few forms will survive.”

The letter clearly sets out a list of policy actions from which the sector would benefit:

  • Ensure equal treatment with regards to opening strategies. Over the past 15 months the music sector has developed excellent hygiene concepts, however, often without the result of an opening. All kinds of music activities must be treated on an equal footing with other areas of the society.
  • Acknowledge the role of music for personal and social development, particularly in music education settings and youth music work – areas that are needed for the recovery post  Covid when thinking of the young who especially suffered during this crisis.
  • Fully embrace the role of music for health and well-being, which will contribute to physical and mental recovery.
  • Recognise the specific working environment of the music sector with self-employment, short term contracts, multiple jobs. The Covid crisis has entailed a brain-drain and some parts of the music sector are now facing a lack of personnel.
  • Promote fair monetisation of digital content for musical artists and the whole music value chain. There are great digital solutions to provide musical offers, however fair remuneration of these works based on strong intellectual property rights is needed and should be distributed in a transparent and equal way.
  • Recognise the unique role played by micro, small and medium structures in the music sector who take risks and provide stability. The strength of Europe’s diverse music sector lies in the multitude of its stakeholders of which over 90% are small and medium sized enterprises.
  • Facilitate the return to sustainable international and European mobility and exchange, as cross-border music touring and cultural exchanges are vital for a full recovery of the music ecosystem and the societies in Europe.
  • Guarantee continuous long-term support for the music sector. The deep ruptures that the Covid crisis has brought upon the music sector require continuous funding and backing.
  • Live the rhetoric! We appreciate that you share the value that culture is at the heart of Europe, that the diversity of culture is what is part of Europe’s identity. Today, we ask you to live up to these words and to ensure that music and culture are taken seriously when political decisions in all areas are taken.