Songtrust is the world’s largest publishing administration company, collecting publishing royalties from all over the globe for 350,000 songwriters. You can find out more about the Songtrust service and platform here

Whilst working hard to help songwriters access what they’re due, we also work to educate them so they understand the rights they have, how to manage them and how music publishing works, so they are empowered to maximise this important part of their income.

As well as a website full of free resources like template split sheets and webinars on Music Publishing 101 and more, Songtrust offers the Modern Guide to Music Publishing – a free e-book downloadable here, which explains in simple terms the complexities of music publishing and managing your rights. A must read for any songwriter. 

To find out more about working with Songtrust to collect your global publishing royalties, or with questions on all things publishing, contact Lara Baker –