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Drawing inspiration from Owen Bradley’s Nashville Sound, Mid Century Vocal pop and Lo-Fi Country come Cryan, so named as a portmanteau of friends Ciara King and Ryan Fitzsimmons from Belfast, Ireland.

Always serving the song with minimal production and subtle dynamics, Cryan make heartfelt, often narrative based Country Music through a Queer Lense or in their own description “Sad Country Doo-Whop, only the lonely.”

The pair hit the ground running with their debut single ‘Rodeo Queen’ which had notable acclaim from the queer country community far and wide. Their sad-folk turned lo-fi beats master pal Joel Harkin (uladh.) kindly remixed their single in a Billy Ray Cyrus meets Lil Nas X style collab which has notable radio play on RTÉ, BBC Radio Ulster & more.

Slinky soundtrack to both your next seduction and the subsequent emotionally devastating breakup.

David Roy, The Irish News

Honest, country-tinged sounds. Blending soft, yearning vocals with their hazy, raw guitar sounds, the pair create playful, meditative tunes about love and loss, with debut single ‘Rodeo Queen’ epitomising their “sad country” ethos.

Get In Her Ears

A quirky, lo-fi production. I’m especially enamored with the tragic way Ciara sings, “Do you want to be my baby?

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